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Our 4 main areas of action to improve lives

Legrand has laid out its CSR commitments in four main areas, which bring together the most tangible challenges for the Group and its stakeholders:


  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Develop a circular economy
  • Be a responsible business

Media Kit 2022

Discover all of our commitments to responsible growth.

Our 2022-2024 CSR roadmap

In order to meet its medium and long-term targets, over the short term, Legrand is pursuing CSR roadmaps that form the operational action plan for the Group's CSR approach.

Published in March 2022, the 2022-2024 CSR roadmap is the fifth Legrand roadmap. It details the 15 priorities that the Group has set itself for that period. It also sets out the objectives to be achieved by 2024, using indicators. The CSR roadmap can be viewed here.

Legrand...a responsible partner

Selecting Legrand as your supplier ensures a partner that delivers innovation, offering market leading low carbon solutions in addition to very high standards of corporate social responsibility. Working together we can create solutions that deliver less carbon to the environment.

An ethics alert system

An ethics alert system is in operation, which is accessible to all Group stakeholders in the event of problems involving accounting and/or financial matters, corruption, competition law, serious damage to the environment or the safety of people, unethical behaviour (discrimination and harassment), data protection, or a conflict of interest. All employees are sent this generic e-mail address: ethics.legrand@legrandelectric.com

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Commitment from the Legrand Group worldwide

Find out more about the Legrand Group’s worldwide commitment.

Discover more about the actions and tools Legrand uses to deliver a more sustainable future for all it's partners.


Fair Competition Charter
Guide to Good Business Practice
ExitCycle Signatory Certificate

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