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Catalogue No. 412725

Bluetooth Time Switch 1 Channel Yearly Astro 230V

Fast & easy programming via Bluetooth from a smartphone/iPad/PC on the app Legrand Time Switch (Free on App Store and Google Play):

Commercial and Residential application - ideal to control school bells, pool pumps,air conditioning, garden lighting and water systems

• Available in 1 or 2 channels
• 2 modules wide
• Daily, Weekly, Annual program options
• Native Bluetooth: Directly program from smartphone with no need to touch the timer. No accessories required
• Data can be exported to/imported from the timer within the Bluetooth time switch app
• Passwords, location, and other settings can also be controlled via the app
• Data can be copied from 1 timer to another, even on a different project
• High precision timer (0.1 sec)
• 2 Din Clip at the back for ease of installation
• 5 Years battery in reserve
• Screen on the timer in backup

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