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Time switches and modular control devices

Our range of Time Switches and Modular Control devices offer clever energy management options for a variety of applications and installations. Our comprehensive range includes options for Digital, Analogue and Smart Connected devices, suitable for applications in residential, commercial or industrial applications.


Native Bluetooth

With our Bluetooth Time Switch, you'll enjoy fast & easy programming via Bluetooth from a smartphone/iPad/PC on the Legrand Time Switch App, which allows users to manage, import or create time programs in seconds.

Compact & Digital

With our Programmable Time Switch with Digital Display, you can quickly establish selections of individually adjustable daily blocks, or choose from a range of preset blocks like weekdays only, weekends, and more.

Intuitive and Reliable

Our Daily Program 16A Vertican 100H Battery Reserve Time Switch features a strong and resilient analogue mechanism and a smooth setup with captive segments. A built-in cover for additional protection ensures protection in harsh environments.

Flexibile & Reliable

Our Econorex MT Analogue Time Switch is a reliable switch with manual override. The Econorex Can be panel mounted or surface mounted or DIN rail mounted with dedicated accessories


Time Switches and Modular Devices Brochure

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